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  • “One of the best childhood experiences of my life.”
  • “P-SCOT 2013!!!!!!!! Deff one of the best summers♥ amazing kids and an awesome staff gonna miss you guys♥”
  • “I want to go again !!!”
  • “Went to KKWC year’s ago. it was something that i have remembered and will never forget. “
  • best camp ever. This changed my life!”
  • “ive been going to kkwc since i was 7yrs old. so ive been there for11yrs. kkwc means ALOT to me. im sure if you went here it would mean alot to you also. everyone whos ever been here has grown to LOVE this camp. everyone one becomes kind of like a family here. there are so many good times , good memories, great kids and great counselors. i recommend this camp to everyone. and i PROMISE any child or adult that comes to kkwc will have a GREAT time.”

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